tyler larronde leg through surfboard 2

You saw the Maui boys charge Mavericks two Fridays ago? They left behind their beloved Jaws, hopped on a flight over the Pacific and put on a barnstorming performance. Albee Layer, Kai Lenny, Tyler Larronde . . . all were standouts, in particular the latter, who made what must be one of the best barrels in Mavericks history on his very first wave.

Jaws wasn't best pleased. Immediately upon their return, Albee got busted; he was thrown over the handlebars and left in a neck brace, although fortunately there was no lasting damage. Then a lip landed on top of Tyler with such savage force that the twenty one-year old's back leg was thrust clean through his surfboard, heavy-duty glass job and an extra inch or so of thickness notwithstanding. Imagine the weight of impact!

By some miracle, he likewise escaped more or less unscathed, writing on Instagram:

"Thankful I made it home with just a supper bruised and swollen leg after a 20ft wave landed on me and my leg went through my board. Going to the hospital to get it checked out. @skullbase_everything I love you guys! Thanks so much for pulling me out of that situation. @kurtischongkee @dklegend @shaunwalsh20 @hanu_mane @nano_messera @kolomona1_ ???? love you guys!!"

Tyler Larronde leg through surfboard