Photo: Tim McKenna

Tahiti-based photographer Tim McKenna has reported via his Instagram that Tahitian surfer Tuhiti Haumani is now in a "stable condition", though he is still unconscious and struggling to breath for himself. On Monday afternoon following the final of the Volcom Pipe Pro, Tuhiti was pulled out of the water unconscious by North Shore lifeguards, and given CPR on the beach before being rushed to hospital. He had been surfing just up the beach from Pipeline, when according to Surfline he hit his head on his surfboard after a fall.

Initial reports suggested that paramedics had been able to find a light pulse when they arrived at the scene, and though unconscious he was reportedly seen coughing up water on the beach. McKenna posted his update 13 hours ago; just 2 hours before that McKenna said Tuhiti was still in a critical condition. "Please stay with us", read an earlier post from McKenna. We will endeavour to keep you updated on the situation as more news arrives.

A bit of news from Tuhiti Haumani @tuhitihaumani. He is in stable condition. Still unconscious and under oxygen. Tuhiti is fighting to breath by himself right now. Keep sending good vibes.

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