Kolohe Andino has teamed up with magazine What Youth for a new movie, Brother, and if the official trailer's anything to go by it's gonna be a beast. The alley-oop at 1:06, which was on the cover of Surfing a few months ago, completed what Kolohe called the best wave of his life. Yep, he landed it, but no, you can't see it, not just yet. You'll have to wait for the full film, which is due for release on June 2nd. Ian Crane, Nat Young, Luke Davis, Tanner Rozunko and Taj Burrow make up the supporting cast. Here's the spiel:

"He grew up in front of us. With us. Around us. Under the ever-watchful eyes of commenters, likers, haters, sponsors, writers, filmers, photographers, parents, and friends. And all of this is for them. And you too. But it’s also for Brother.

A chance to show him surfing free. With his friends. Around the world. It’s not much more than that, and that's exactly what we wanted."