Following his endorsement of The Chia Seed Company, Kelly Slater continues to cash in on his health nut image with the launch of a new drinks brand called Purps.

Their range of products include an energy type drink, a hydration solution (coconut water) and vitamin supplement shot, all of which are said to include their signature Organic Purple Life formula, made up of 6 purple superfruits: blackberry, blue berry, grapes, plus the more exotic açaí, mangosteen and maqui berry. All of them sourced organically.


Kelly announced the launch via Instagram, writing: “I’m excited to announce the launch of PURPS, a project I’ve been working on for some time now with my friends, Pat Tenore and Dr. Chris Schaumburg.

‪#‎Purps‬ is the result of years of brainstorming between myself and the other founders. The obvious question begs asking…why another drink brand? The mainstream drink market is flooded with high sugar, low nutrient drink options and we wanted to offer better and healthier choices for people to grab on the go."

The drinks brand is rumoured to be under the Kering umbrella with whom Kelly is planning to deliver his next clothing offering following his fallout with former major sponsor Quiksilver in April.