Eskimo terriers, dachshunds, pomeranians, pugs, corgis, boxers and dalmatians were among the fifty canine contestants at last month's 10th Annual Unleashed by Petco Surf Dog Competition -- the Pipe Masters of the dog surfing world -- held in favourable conditions at San Diego's Imperial Beach.

It's tempting to dismiss dog surfing as just another instance of obsessive dog owners coaxing their pets into acting like humans against their wills, and perhaps that's exactly what it is -- but try watching without breaking a smile! The dogs actually seem to be enjoying themselves too, and all proceeds raised at the event go to the San Diego Humane Society animal shelter. Watch the highlights package above, which ends on the gem, "take the woof with the smooth" -- surely one of the shittest puns of all time.

And! Believe it or not, Taylor Knox was one of the judges for the day. Full results here, for those of you dying to know who placed first in the "Medium Dog" category.

Tough life, being a judge - although the corgis in particular can get violent if they don't get the score. Taylor Knox was on his guard.