Nature and culture meet in pursuit of the ultimate prize when The European Pro Surf Tour 2007 takes to the waves this summer.

The tour is part of the world qualifying series and is one of the major pro-surfing events in Europe, with a total prize of over $1 million. Previous champions of this huge event include Kelly Slater (USA) and Mick Fanning (AUS).

Nine stunning events in the most extreme conditions and varied environments make up this surfing saga in which contests will take place in France, Portugal, Spain and the UK from April to November 2007.

They’ve got isolated spots and hype sites for the best waves and atmosphere you could possibly want.

Inside Media have also made a well documented move towards the consumption of video content, through both website and mobile TV. There’s an increasing demand for live online surfing shows and they aim to offer solutions for an ever-growing audience. This means that you too can join the thrills of surfing and become one of the 500,000 new surfers that get involved with the sport every year.

Words by Rosie Hamilton