The biggest wave ever paddled at Puerto Escondido -- so reckons local Coco Nogales anyway, and he can be considered a solid authority on such matters. The identity of the man aboard the yellow 9'8 in the above footage ought to come as no surprise: Hawaii's Mark Healey, whose account of the wave in question can be read on the Stab website over here. The man behind the lens, meanwhile, is the Basque Country's Jon Asperu. Coco posted the following message on his Instagram:

Not much to say the picture says it all but from my point of view to me this is the biggest #paddle in wave ever riding in puerto... Yea @donkeyshow ???????????????????????? today was the craziest ocean I have ever seen at list in 20 years respect every one who was out there, very glad that I got to make it out and rescue @othochouf thank god we made it. #puertoescondido #zicatela #mexicanpipeline #respect #mexico #swell #surfing ???? by @clarinhahartmann

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