Got so buckled on this air yesterday afternoon... My foot slipped just before landing and ended up doing the splits pretty bad, heard a big pop in my knee when I hyperextended it. Don't know how serious it is right now but this shit sucks. #raped #scanitup #MBinstaVids

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The injured bodies are piling up at an alarming rate. Matt Banting has become the latest world tour surfer to add his name to the list of casualties; he misplaced his knee trying to land an alley-oop in South Africa, and though he found it again soon enough, his carelessness has cost him a shot at this year's J-Bay Open, and possibly the Tahiti Pro next month too. An MRI scan revealed that he dislocated his knee and relocated it in one fell swoop, resulting in some bruised bones and 3-6 weeks on the sidelines. Wishing him a speedy recovery, of course.