Tamaroa McComb is officially the best 16-year-old surfer on Earth. He blew apart the ISA World Junior titles in France overnight, defeating fellow team rider Peterson Crisanto of Brazil in the final of the under-16 division.

In the six months since joining the Billabong team, Tamaroa has won the Hurley Burleigh Pro Junior, won the Trials for the Quiksilver Pro, won the Parko's Grom Stomp, made the quarters of the VZ Trials at Chopes (in 10-12ft surf), learned English and moved to the Goldy from Tahiti.

After spending the past two months back home while the Billabong Pro was on and stomping some Filthy big spin air rev's, Tamaroa will head back to the Goldy and focus on the final Pro Junior events for 2008. He lives with renowned shaper Dylan Longbottom.