In a repeat of last year's Swatch Girls Pro China final, the biggest beach crowd of the week assembled to watch the Kelia Moniz and Chelsea Williams go head-to-head in the long lefthand walls of Riyue Bay.

Kelia Moniz drew first blood with a beautifully-surfed wave in the opening moments of the final, and while the two goofyfoots, ranked 1 and 2 in the world, went blow-for-blow throughout the encounter exchanging waves, it was always the Hawaiian on the front foot.

"I can't believe it, to win another title here just feels so awesome. Earlier in this event I felt like I hadn't really surfed at my best, so to get past Chelsea, who's been absolutely ripping in every heat feels really good. I'm thrilled to take the title back to Hawaii and really proud. I've had great support here once again and want to thank the local people and Swatch for putting this great contest on."

For all who missed the action, here's all the highlight wraps.

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