Everyone loves a film festival. And San Sebastian has got to be one of the best locations for a good old motion pic get together if ever there was one. But this year is not just any old year, it's San Sebby's well reputed Surfilmfestibal's 10th anniversary and you can bet that they'll be organising a special "quiver" of events to celebrate such a special edition.

Since it started in 2003, the festival has grown from a little grassroots event into a present day full-blow surf film orgy that aims to showcase the best representations of global surf culture. The old town of San Sebastián, and the Teatro Principal that dates to early 1900´s, has been home to filmmakers such as Jack McCoy, Andrew Kidman, Patrick Trefz, Taylor Steele, Chris Malloy and many others that have visited us to present their latest productions.

Best Film Award 2011 - Lost in the Ether by Andrew Kidman.

Environmental issues, photography exhibitions, performances, live music, the festival is all about the best in surf culture, all in a super down-to-earth vibe. It's an authentic tribal gathering of surfers from around the world, and it's this vibrant scene that keeps them motivated to come back every year with new ideas, new ways of captivating the public's minds, and of course making lots of noise to claim and promote the best surf films!

Best Film Award 2010 - Sea of Darkness by Michael Oblowitz.

You have until april 1st to send them your fresh stuff! For more info, go to