The aim of Surfers Against Sewage’s Protect Our Waves petition is to generate at least 100,000 signatures to highlight the value of surfing waves and locations to the UK government and encourage MPs to debate legislation in order to recognise the importance of waves as a cultural, social, economic and environmental asset to coastal communities.

SAS believes that waves and surf spots deserve to be recognised as part of UK heritage and should be afforded greater recognition and protection through debate and legislation.

If this is the kinda thing you'd like to support, and it ought to be, then head over here and add your signature to the petition list over at Signatures are around the 30,000 mark right now so there's a way to go yet.

If you've already signed then feel free to tell others about the petition by simply sharing the poster post this message to Facebook, Tweet and spread the word to your friends and family to be part of their global day of action to protect the U.K.'s waves, oceans and beaches.