Redsand proudly welcomes Joe Curren to the roster! Joe hails from a family considered to be a surfing institution. This legacy includes his father Pat, a shaper and big wave pioneer, and his older brother, three time world champion, Tom. In his own right, Joe is internationally recognized as an amazing surfer with the trademarked "Curren Style" demonstrated in and out of the water.

Hailing from Santa Barbra, California Joe has traveled to the end of the world and back, capturing his sights and experiences through his two passions, photography and surfing. Joe’s art reflects his lifestyle, simple and elegant. "We're lucky to connect with Joe," says Marketing Director Devin Johnson.

"He's a truly genuine person and is talented on so many levels. We think he's a perfect match for the brand and plan to utilize his surfing and artistic talents to bring a new creative energy to the brand."

Joe has many trips planned for the year that will break the mold of the standard surf adventure. Expect to see coverage of these exotic destinations through magazine coverage and Joe's own visual documentation. Also on this year's agenda are several photographic exhibits and involvement in several other creative media projects including film and books.

Redsand is proud and privileged to have Joe Curren amongst their kin. Be prepared to share the amazing life and travels of Joe Curren.