The ASP 4 Star $75,000 Monster Energy Pro, presented by Billabong, enjoyed just three heats (7 to 9) of round four before a new storm front pushed through and put an end to the glassy 6-8 foot morning conditions. Competition was closed down yesterday and will likely resume on Friday, with today forecast to receive the brunt of bad conditions.

Of the three heats held at Pipleine, Oahu, Hawaii, all six surfers to advance were from Hawaii: Hank Gaskell (Hana, Maui), Rainos Hayes (Haleiwa), Shane Dorian (Holualoa, Big Island), Fred Patacchia (Haleiwa), Danny Fuller (Hanalei, Kauai), and Jamie O'Brien (Haleiwa).

Both the Backdoor and Pipeline were perfect for the start of competition, with several long, high-scoring tube rides posted. Despite the tamer, smaller conditions in the morning, experienced Pipeline surfer Shane Dorian still felt the wrath of the reef after exiting a beautiful barrel at Backdoor. He returned to the beach dripping blood and lacerated down both arms and his shoulders.

"It happened after that Backdoor barrel," Dorian explained. "I tried to kick out, got sucked over the falls and driven onto the reef." A score of 7.25 out of 10 for that ride took the sting out of the injury, however. Dorian posted a two-wave total of 13.0 out of 20 points to win his heat ahead of Patacchia, eliminating Tom Innes (Aus) and Liam McNamara (Haw) from the event.

Danny Fuller was the top scorer of the day with 13.25 points for his only two rides of 5.5 and 7.75 points. A total of 22 heats, including the final, remain to round out the competition. The event can be finished in one full day and that will likely be Friday.