Playing host to 2-time Pipeline champion and Hawaiian legend Rory Russell and the re-launch of the Lighning Bolt brand earlier this spring (see link here), Anglet-based French shaper Jean Pierre Stark was back stoking out all the groms in Anglet again with a board test day where anyone could show up and try out his brand new EPS shooters featuring carbon fibre parabolic stringers.

In coorporation with the French EPS blank producer Atuacores, the idea behind the new carbon fibre parabolic stringers is that the rapid reflex memory of the carbon rods inject more drive into your turns, without compromising the strength of the board. Stark having now shaped 20 so boards and presently in the final phase of development, teamriders Thomas Bady and O’Neill ripper Christophe Allary were also there to take the prototypes for a ride in the meaty 4 to 5ft conditions.

For more info on the new boards, check out their website