After the huge success enjoyed by 'Big Friday' at last year's San Sebastian International Film Festival, this year sees the birth of 'Savage Cinema', a new section in collaboration with Red Bull Media House, showcasing the best from the world of action sports, adventure, and the great outdoors, including some surf entries.

This new development will offer an ideal opportunity for the ever-growing field of adventure and action sports films to showcase its work to the world - a genre that has enjoyed a significant spurt of growth following recent  technical advances in camera equipment.

The Anoeta Velodrome and various other cinemas throughout the city will host screenings as well as talks from film-makers and protagonists. A perfect opportunity for the general public to enjoy these adrenaline fuelled adventures first hand.

Disciplines will include surfing, rock-climbing, snow and mountain sports and skateboarding. With no restrictions in genre, length or other formal criteria, the festival organisers will feature documentaries as well as short and experimental films alongside fictional works.

Note that Savage Cinema joins the Festival as a non-competitive section with its own selection committee: Maialen Beloki (member of the San Sebastian Festival Management/Selection Committee), Phillip Manderla (Filmmaker and Head of Feature Films at RBMH) and Sancho Rodríguez (Coordinator of Savage Cinema).

For more info on entries, screening etc. visit the San Sebastian Film Festival site.