With a forecast of sun (finally!), live gigs and plenty surf fun, this coming closing weekend looks to be a banger at the San Sebastian Surfilmfestibal. Notably, organisers will once again be screening iconic surf film Morning of the Earth, which actually also closed proceedings during the very first Surfilmfestibal 11 years ago. The rest of the programme you'll find below:


- World premiere of SERENDIPITY, a film about the Maldives.

- FRANK and BETTY THE SHARK live gig.

[mpora_video id="AAdhoqlyv5oh"]


- European premiere of TIERRAS LEJANAS, a surf trip to Chile with Cristian Merello

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[mpora_video id="AAdhoqa54wza"]

- MORNING OF THE EARTH accompanied by French Electro band ODEI playing the live soundtrack.

[mpora_video id="AAdi8xil6k9m"]

Note there will in fact be two Morning of the Earth screenings, one in San Sebastian - at Sagüés - this Saturday (29th) and the other on the 6th July in St Jean de Luz during the WAKE UP! festival.

More on Morning of the Earth:

The film is a delicious trip, an iniciatic journey to a bucolic World where we discover the first footage from Bali, Uluwatu, with Racetracks on fire, the cove… We can nearly smell the clove cigarrettes and exotic fruits watching this testimony of a long lost era. Australia and its fabled sand points from Queensland, the revolutionary surf of Michael Peterson and his cut back tattoed in surf culture imagery, Angourie, the “Sultan of Speed" Terry Fitzgerald shaping in a farm in New South Wales surrounded by chickens, Nat Young… And Hawai… Barry Kanaiaupuni and his style, Gerry Lopez refining what was humanly possible to ride in the barrel with those surfboards at Pipeline…

The film is a celebration of nature, an invitation to live a more simple life running away from the over comercialized world that started to be and is now… An absolute must see film that all surfers, artists, festivals need to acknowledge as fundamental in our surf culture.