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So far in 2009, Wright has won nearly every Pro Junior he’s entered, beat Dane and Kelly at Bells, and now Simple Owen leads the WQS ratings after winning the Maldives event.

According to the ASP’s press release, “It was a monumental, high-scoring Final, described by numerous ASP officials at this event as the greatest Final they have ever seen."

Event sponsors have already shortened that mouthful to “best final in ASP history." PostSurf officials are simply stating “That Hansel is SO hot right now."

Wright won the event by performing albatross reverses and giraffe-like section-clearing airs. The kid was hopping around like an albino kangaroo with an eating disorder.

Like Jordy Smith and Dane Reynolds, Owen Wright is an imposing vertical presence. Perhaps the “Ewoks on Endor" era of 80s surfing is truly over - just don’t tell that to Jeremy Flores and Adriano de Souza.

Does this new brand of Post-Momentum aerial surfing demand a new physique? Are taller surfers uniquely able to coil and unwind, creating spring and leverage in a manner necessary for certain newest-school moves?

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