If you're not, the stats speak for themselves: RNLI Lifeguards have been operating since 2001, saving 367 lives and assisting 68,672 people to date. Currently more than 140 UK beaches are patrolled by RNLI Lifeguards and a good number of them are surfers themselves - including Robin Kent, Lifeguard at Chapel Porth and Mark ‘Egor’ Harris, Lifeguard at Fistral beach - both high-profile riders, lending their support to this campaign.

The aim of the RNLI Lifeguard service is to cover many more UK beach locations and make them safer, but this will not be achieved without support. The RNLI is a charity and relies on donations to provide the training and equipment to put lifeguards on our beaches.

As we’re all aware surfing is more popular than ever. With more and more people making the water their playground, RNLI Lifeguards are serving an increasingly important role and the pressure on their charity funding becomes even greater. As most of our Lifeguards are surfers and do the job through their love of the ocean, it seemed right to ask surfers to help.

Keen to avoid adding to the mountain of unwanted plastic ‘things’ made to encourage us to give to charity, the RNLI have produced a simple red leash string; yours for a small donation from all sorts of places and people who understand the importance of having Lifeguards on our beaches.

If you think your life is worth saving, buy a leash.