Rip Curl again has produced one of the top junior teams in all of Europe. By backing their most promising atheletes with professional team management and training, their young surfers consistently up their performance level each year. The team management responsible for helping these atheletes is Gilles 'Kéké' Darqué, Julien 'Vico' Hamel and Eric 'Rico' Leroy.

Now, for the 3rd consecutive year, 10 young surfers from Rip Curl Team Europe will leave for an Australian tour accompanied by Kéké and Vico. After having appeared on all the European podiums in 2006, the Frenchies will part for an extended training camp in the land down under.

This promising team consists of: Pauline Ado (15 years), Pierre-Valentin Laborde (15), Marie Dejean (15), the Réunionnais Adrien Toyon (16), Cannelle Bullard (13) and Medi Veminardi (15), the Spanish Juan Merodio (15), Garazi Sanchez (15) and Marcos San Segundo (16) and finally, English Jayce Robinson (16).

The team training program will feature physical conditioning, technical polish, muscle toning, nutrition, video surf session reviews and yoga - everything the surfers need to become real pros. They will also participate in several international contests.

The contests:

  • - 1-8 January : World Pro Junior à Narrabeen
  • - 8-14 January : Kustom Jetty Surf Pro Junior (Bells Beach)
  • - 22-28 January : Hurley Burleigh Pro Junior (Cold Coast)
  • - 6-11 February : Billabong Pro Junior (Cold Coast)

Through a long road trip on the famous Gold Coast the team will revive the grand old way of travelling, a time when people knew how to take time out to stop en route to talk to the locals, learn a few words of the native language and discover a different culture. During their travels the team will still be fueling their dream of becoming pro surfers. And Rip Curl is helping this dream by offering more than just a simple program of training and competition.