A new surf specific car-pooling website, Surf Rideshare allows you to connect with other like minded rippers and make your travel to the shred cost-effective, sustainable and social.

The easy-to-use website features a one button Facebook login & registration meaning you’re straight in and can get on with car-pooling. Simply post your planned itinerary or find a ride to one of the listed 'spots' (still a little sparse right now but the site aims to list breaks and places of interest all over the world).

There's also an up-coming “Events" section, featuring events large and small all over the globe. If you have a relevant event coming up, then you too can post the event details and automatically create a carpool to the party!

With ever-increasing fuel prices and the phenomenon that is social networking, there has never been a better time for car-pooling. However much like a dating site you should get to know the people that you will be travelling with. Check out their Facebook profiles, take information such as phone numbers and vehicle details and leave them with friends and family.


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