The winning bleu team of pro surfers Romain LOL, Dudu DelPerro, Adrien Toyon, Roberto D'Amico, PC Destingay and contest organizer Damien Marly... Oh the treachery!

The Rhythm Team challenge went down yesterday at L'Agreulu's under the warm August skies of les Landes. The winning team was made up of pro surfers who rode shortboards angrily, despite the premise of the event being that each team should have a girl, a junior and old farts in, and should ride funky craft. Short on numbers, I was asked to surf for the black team, who came last! We had a girl, a junior and of course me who doubled as old fart/gumby. The best part of all was getting dropped in on by someone from my own team! Yep, the turkey from the heat before stayed in (the peak was about 60 heads deep) and faded me on a left that was offering surely at least a 2 for me to equal my high score. Actually that wasn't the best part, the best part was when Adrien Toyon dropped in on a 50-year-old bodyboarder in a Tribord wetsuit with yellow teeth who then asked to fight him on the beach and told LOL to 'Go fuck yourself.'

Even though black team lost, I figured we were the real winners for embracing the criteria. That Ferrara longboard dude wore a bowler hat and did all kinds of rad stuff, headstands and the like. Basque Naked man Mikel surfed naked and span a trillion times on an alaia, naked. Our little grom Something Pappa absolutely shredded the rights that were basically triple overhead on him, and our female shredder busted out some rad moves and did 50 % of the planet's population proud. Our one regular Pro Jayce Robinson got all rad with some sick turns too. Basically we were amazing.

Other highlights from the day included Didier Piter getting worst manoeuver award, the midddle aged woman who came and drank some beers topless in the competitors area. Apparently Vincent Cassel was there too, but I didn't see him.