The Quiksilver Goodwave presented by Virgin Mobile has a holding period from 1st February - 31st December, 2007, but the predicted swell has arrived, the winds are favourable and the sandbanks at the New Pier, Durban, South Africa are already lined up and ready to go!

Quiksilver has given the word that the Goodwave will run today! “It’s cooking out there at the moment, but all the forecasts are showing an even better day tomorrow," said Quiksilver’s Barry Wolins from the beach yesterday morning.

The surfers who have been selected, as well as the alternates, will be on the beach this morning at half past six for a possible eight o’clock start. One Rand is the entrance fee for a shot at winning the R60,000 first prize. Without that Rand, prospective contestants will be turned away.

The surf arrived on Sunday and is a strong swell from the east. There is a second swell from south west that is going to join it today to create an epic day’s surfing at the New Pier. ‘Six-foot and barreling’ is the general call, ideal conditions to run the Goodwave.

WCT surfer Travis Logie is in town at the moment as it is between WCT events, and Quiksilver have applied to get the surfer a waiver to surf this event. WCT surfers are not allowed to surf non-sanctioned or specialty events unless the ASP, the governing body of pro surfing, grants a waiver for that surfer. Should he get that waiver Travis will be an absolute threat to win the event, as he is in top form and the contest is at his home break.

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