Oahu is emerging from a nearly week-long weather system that saw loads of swell and days of strong, clocking winds that were responsible for ruling out the biggest days on the North Shore due to adverse direction and strength. Wave face heights reached 25 feet (Hawaiian-scale) along the North Shore, but largely went un-ridden due to the poor surface conditions.

The next swell on the radar was slated to peak yesterday, Wednesday, but was not expected to be big enough for The Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau nor was even big enough to run the Quiksilver Premium Ku Ikaika Challenge at Makaha, a big-wave stand-up paddle competition. This week in the Mark

In the meantime, Mark Healey will talk you through some of this year’s contenders chosen rhino chasers and tell you how to sign up for text alerts should the Eddie make it out of the blocks.