Quiksilver are massive, they need no introduction...

Quiksilver Europe has been designing unique, limited edition boardshorts in conjunction with nine of the best surf retailers in Europe. This truly collaborative and industry leading project, entitled Quiksilver Union, combines the very best surf retailers, branding and innovation. Every summer will see newly released collaborations with the best surf retailers across Europe.

This summer we will see the launch of the:


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Blue Tomato Austria has a new shop for discerning surfers and snowboarders. Based in Schladming, Blue Tomato has come up with a radical and humorous look for their boardshort design. Using innovative photo printing, their boardshort is printed with an image of traditional attire called the Lederhosen. The Lederhosen is a Bavarian short made from leather, which has matching shoulder straps and was worn in the Alps back in the XVIII century. Now that is retro! OK so we didn’t include the shoulder straps but to compliment this unique boardshort, Quiksilver added the innovative Velcro waistband first used in the Miky Picon pro model boardshort.

Rainbow The Rainbow shop in Anglet is a core store on the Basque coast for surfers. One of the first shops in the region, established in 1983, Rainbow is stocked with everything from retro fish surfboards to a classic longboard or a big wave gun. In honour of this retro vibe, the Rainbow boardshort is a flashback to the original boardshort styles of the Seventies, being shorter in length at 16 inches and made of nylon. Available in bold green and jet black, the short depicts the name of the shop using rainbow piping arched across the backside. A retro longboard fin design in the Basque country colours of green, red and white is positioned proudly on the waistband. Add a little soul and a lot of colour to your surfing with the iconic Rainbow boardshort.

Pukas Pukas originated as a surfboard company in the Seventies and has grown to establish four surf shops in Northern Spain and to produce a Pukas apparel collection. Founded in the Basque surfing heartland, Pukas remains true to its heritage, a fact that is depicted in the Pukas boardshort. The image printed on the fabric is of a quiver of Pukas surfboards standing to attention on a beach as if waiting for their owner to paddle them out to the waves beyond. The bright pink and blue used in the design represent the colourful puka shells, from which the Pukas name derives, which were once strung together to make necklaces sold by surfers in Hawaii to fund their surfing lifestyle. Pukas surfboards are ridden by the upper echelon of surfers and the Pukas boardshort promises to be just as exclusive.