Video highlights from the Basque big wave event that was held last Monday. Not exactly top to bottom but still pretty sizey!

[mpora_video id="AAddz57njqht"]

With local Bizkaia 17-year-old charger Natxo Gonzalez taking out the event, he'll be awarded a wildcard slot to surf at the upcoming Big Wave World Tour main event in Latin America.

"I decided to get my spot at the peak and stay quiet. My sponsor brought me a new surfboard and everything worked really well, the board responded perfectly and thanks to that I surfed with confidence. I think it is the secret in order to do well in these kinds of conditions", said Natxo.

Chilian heavy water specialist Ramon Navarro secured second place. "It was big and kind of bumpy. Local surfers made good use of their knowledge of the wave and positioned themselves better. It was big, sets were around seven meters and they were really strong", summed up Navarro.

The Big Wave World Tour now heads to Oregon, USA for the Nelscott Reef Big Wave Classic which has been given the go-ahead for tomorrow Saturday, February 2nd. The forecast calls for building, medium-sized surf with good wind and weather conditions.

According to forecasters Surfline: "A compact, but intense, storm located to the north of Hawaii this Wednesday evening (1/31) will lift northward into the Gulf of Alaska over the next couple and slowly weaken. While this storm won't deliver a huge swell to the Oregon coast, it will set up building surf on Saturday the 2nd with medium size, contestable conditions at Nelscott Reef. Wind and weather conditions look good to excellent with light wind and mostly sunny skies (a rarity in Oregon at this time of year!)."

Nelscott Reef © Parkin