Every morning, when I've finished watching a load of mountain bike and BMX films, I take a butchers at a couple of surf sites. You have to really, as Web Editor of a surf mag, it's the thing to do. I've been a bit taken by PostSurf of late. It's unapologetic and has big bollocks, and to be fair, most of what is said is pretty much spot on. It's run by Lewis Samuels, who will be the first to admit a few pros want to spark him out, mainly Aussies. He doesn't mince his words and does not suck up to the big boys, he just writes about surfing and surfers and sometimes he mentions mini-me's, MILF's and Lindsay Lohan. Most of it is pretty damn funny too, which is nice.

So there you go, get yourself over to POSTSURF and see what all the fuss is about.