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Stinky VR... Just rocketed into my top 5 MC's of all time with KRS-one, Erick Sermon, Grand Puba and Slick Rick.

Nico 'Stinky' Von Rupp's surfing may have gone south, but his poetry skills are rocketing! I asked him to write a poem about Australia, and this is what he came up with in under an hour... genius! The title was to be 'Australia' (where he is right now to compete in the Pro Junior), but he spelt it wrong. But after that shaky start, things got way better. Check it:

'Asutralia' by Nicolau von Rupp

Australia place for men on earth

place were nature gives birth

where life is a dream

that by many man will never be seen

Australia place of funny habit

that makes them run like a rabbit

where getting girls

is as easy as getting Milfs.

Australia country of convicts

where people are tougher than bricks

or we can call them        ?

Its the english blood in their veins

thats why they cant use their brains

same story with paul

thats why he inspires himsel on d. riley at nightfall

he tries too hard to be like him

which only makes him look like a grimm

he even gets his short shorts claiming hes not a

yeah right...just to say hes maggot

thats why this lovely poem is coming to an end

coz P.E is getting a call from his boyfriend

who asked him to go for a surf

together at last together as one..

In the Meantime his boyfriend is a red haired Aussie

who acts like a prozzie

his name is youngy

who works for rusty

both of them went for a wave

that ended up into a german rave

both of them explored each other's

which was both of their goal

the only thing that bothers me

that P.E is still stuck to his short shorts fashion

so please S.E Brush him...

I dont know about you, but in spite the of profanity I'm giving this 9/10. Please grade it yourselves in the comments box below.