Not into watching Dane fight it out in miserable 2-foot dribble in the season WQS 6-star opener downunder? Nor were we! In fact why he was even competing (despite denying rumours we'd tried to spread of the Venturan attempting to make it back on tour this year) we're not quite sure.

Anyway, while he now waits to compete on the Goldie at Snapper as a wildcard (is it us or does Dane actually surf more comps than most CTers?), Jane just dropped another digital short on his site Marine Layer Productions of him ripping the bag out of his home pointy favourite Ricon. Spiced up with a little funky colour-correcting for those not satisfied with the action!  Head over to Marine Layer to check it out now, or to see what this session looked like from the sky here's a cool drone edit from this same Queen of the Coast session.