The first day of Pipe competition saw Fanning and Medina nose in front, winning their Rd1 encounters and thus securing a berth in Rd3.

Meanwhile, Desouza lost to Bourez, Toldeo was just pipped by the once-banned-for-burning-the-ASP-rule-book JOB, while Julian got done by Aussie battler Kai Otton.

The highest score of the day went to CJ Hobgood, who nabbed a ten in the final event of his final season.

It is just us, or does it feel like he's been retiring for ages? What ever happened to a gracious, understated exit? Don't milk it, luvvie.

Was it skill, the fact that he's spent countless thousands of hours riding big tubes around the world or mere luck that helped Ceej eek out of a super-tricky, deep Pipe keg?


“I swear it was just a God thing." said the Jehovah-fearing Floridian.

Will God be busy elsewhere when Rd 2 kicks off, or will he intervene to help Zillos Desouz and Toledo make it through?

If JOB wins, does that mean Lucifer will have got one over on God?

Find out when Round 2 gets called on!