Imagine taking this to your local ding fixer.

Just when you thought surfing couldn't get any cooler, along comes Peugeot to rip a new time continuim in our most of outdated and irrelevant of sports. Yep the French car manufacturer has unleashed its latest concept design, a, drum roll please, a surfboard. This design concept (which co-incidentally is what the first Hawaiian chiefs called their Koa wood logs) is inspired by the brand’s performance oriented beasts, the 208 GTi, RCZ R and Onyx Concept cars.

Peugeot Industrial Design wing, sick of designing cars that breakdown, have instead turned their supercomputers and bi-focals to the simple surfboard. Breaking it down to its essence the board uses Coupe Franche or clean cut as its design theme. As such the front of the board is designed to represent emotions. And who wouldn't want to power through a roundhouse cutback knowing the nose of your stick is feeling jealousy, envy, love, shame, pity or anger?

Sculpted tail fins and building materials consisting of carbon fibre, wood and kryptonite, finish off a concept board that is half stealth bomber, half jism to the face. The board is to be unveiled at that hotbed of surf culture, 2013 Goodwood Festival of Speed, and is sure to flooding our surfbreaks by at least 2035.


Look at the nose and feel the emotion. Look at the tail and sense the motion. Look at my mouth, I have just been sick in it.