Check out this awesome little video of Parko and Occy shredding in NZ, tasty!

Current world number one surfer Joel Parkinson and 1999 World Champion Mark Occhilupo got to taste what many visting surfers miss on their travels to New Zealand – a solid East Coast swell. Corona took NZ Greenroom Productions along to film their Kiwi experience.

Day one we surfed the famous Whangamata Bar sampling long lefthanders where Occy stole the show. Then it was a quick flight to Gisborne where we were rewarded with a perfect finale to these Corona Surf Trip. The pair enjoyed solid 1.5m waves at Wainui Beach.

After a quick Porwhiri in Gisborne performed by Campion College students Parko and Occy hit the water with local legend and current WQS surfer Bobby Hansen. Along with handful of other eager surfers who paddled out to secure a superior vantage point from the hundreds lining the sand dunes.

The conditions were the best they had been all week with a crisp offshore and clear blue skies.

Current world number one Joel Parkinson dominated the session annihilating several oncoming sections and displacing massive amounts of spray to the applause of the crowd. Late in the session he got the best barrel of the afternoon and followed it up with a huge aerial to hoots from the sand dunes.