Within five minutes of the buzzer signalling the start of his Round 5 heat against Adam Melling, Owen Wright was already sitting on an 18.90 heat total. On the ten minute mark, he pulled into and then out of -- standing bolt upright all the while -- his second perfect 10 of the heat, thereby achieving only the 7th perfect 20-point heat total in history. There were still almost twenty five minutes to go, and the game was as good as over. Melling, whose highest score at that point was 8, was combo'd twice over, left needing not only two 10s but then an 8.91 to back them up.

10 number one above, 10 number two below.

Melling, to his credit, continued to charge as he had done all event, knifing this 9.7 in the last few minutes of the heat: