On day 5 of the Fiji Pro, a day after recording his first ever perfect 20-point heat total, Owen Wright beat Julian Wilson in the final with yet another perfect heat. Before Owen, only Kelly Slater and Joel Parkinson had achieved a perfect heat twice; no one had done so in the same event. In terms of its sporting significance, it's comparable to the 2010 Premier League Darts final, when Phil "the Power" Taylor, perhaps the greatest athlete ever to have lived -- better even than Kelly Slater himself, some would argue -- became the first ever player to score two nine dart finishes in a single match, beating James Wade 10-8. It was that good.

Both 10's came in the last five minutes of the heat, within an even shorter space of time than his 10's in Round 5. He had already been awarded a 9.6.

We couldn't believe our goggle bins.