Conwy Adventure Leisure has confirmed signing an official contract with Wavegarden, which signifies an important stage in their Surf Snowdonia water park project that should see the UK’s first inland artificial wave pool open by early summer 2015.

On announcing the news, Managing Director of CAL Steve Davies said: "We have been working hard to set our plans for the UK’s first Wavegarden in motion and are delighted to announce the next stage of the journey. We have worked alongside the team at Wavegarden for some time now and are delighted to finally make good on our promise of a partnership. We thank everyone for their continued support on the project and look forward to getting on-site next month."

Meanwhile, founder and CEO of Wavegarden Josema Odriozola commented: “Our engineers are already working hard on the production of the new 1.9m high version, which features important improvements to the quality, capacity and frequency of the Wavegarden lagoon."

So while it appears the project has been pushed back by another couple of months, the North Wales water park project will feature the U.K.'s first Wavegarden.