When not reporting on news stories from major international surfing events, we like to bring you the latest brand news too. Today's news involves watching one of the funniest promotional videos ever made. It's left us all wondering, 'why didn't I think of that?', and it's left me thinking, thank god my jacobs don't look like that. They've actually got some really nice threads for 09, so check out their site once you've stopped laughing...

Here are the videos and press release:

Sooruz No Guts No Glory from john sooruz on Vimeo.

SOORUZ - No Guts No Glory - la maman from john sooruz on Vimeo.

Money can’t buy everything: No guts no glory, this is the Soöruz’s spirit, Riders with an adrenaline need which rends everything.

The prints, the wallpapers and the two first mad videos are downloadable in different formats on the official website: http://www.sooruz.net/nogutsnoglory

Videos are also available on: