Nixon will host the first annual, invitation only High Tide Hold'Em on the island of Tavarua, Fiji, from February 8-16, 2007. Invited athletes include some of the world’s best skate, surf, and snow legends.

The non-traditional format of the High Tide Hold‘Em will give invitees an opportunity to showcase their talents in a variety of challenges that are not exclusive to surfing. The 7-day event will put the attendees in head-to-head battles which will include spearfishing, tennis, poker, fishing and surfing contests. A select group of filmers and photographers will be on-hand to document everything that goes down.

Nixon’s goal of the High Tide Hold‘Em is to provide these athletes the opportunity to compete and show-off their skills in an environment where the tone is friendly and the events are fun. The High Tide Hold’Em will be peer judged, winner take all.

CONFIRMED ATTENDEES: Shane Dorian, Mark Healy, Yadin Nicol, The Malloys, Mark Cunningham, Dave Downing, Todd Richards, Taylor Knox and more...