Brands spend big bucks developing concepts to promote their surfers. Some of them flop, some of them soar. It looks like the guys at Nike 6.0 have hit the jackpot with this puppy. Nike 6.0's top European surfers are shacked up in one of the nicest joints imaginable, just a stone's throw from La Piste. We'll have a teaser for you tomorrow and the weekly webisode will land on Monday.

Check out the latest press release...


Time to chill out for the 6.0 surfers, music, bbq, video games, surf movies and much more to come. That is what the 6.0 House is all about for the month of August .

Located in Capreton, just a ride away from the famous break of 'La Piste' and filled up with Charly Martin, Naum Ildefonse, Lyndon Wake, Hector Menendez or Nicolau Von Ruup, the house is going to be the epicentre of a true and original summer "a la Francaise.' You can ask Charly M who has just arrived and is recovering from the Feria De Bayonne!'

Stay tuned for more action at the 6.0 House as we keep you updated with our weekly web-episodes.