On September 20th The New Globe Surf Film - Secret Machine was Premiered for Europe In Seignosse, France to magical effect.

The Secret Machine was in full effect as if attempted to squeeze record numbers into the cinema.

With over 2000 inside and 300 outside (not our fault, health and safety got a little mad) all eager to see CJ, Damien, Taj, and Occy on screen and in the flesh.

The excited crowd were not only given the pleasure of witnessing the visual spledour of the film and an ear exploding soundtrack (the decibles were resembling a Metallica concert) but were also innundated with gifts.

Before the chaos, 150 lucky people shoe-swapped. They traded their old shoes for new Globe Finale's, and donated all the old shoes going to the Indo Children Future Foundation.

With the Secret Machine finishing to raptuous applause the VIP's continued the magic by decimating 2500 Fosters in 81 minutes.