Don't be confused, this isn't the new ASP-sanctioned Big Wave World Tour. That starts next month. Coz if you've been paying attention to new developments in the big wave world, you'll know Nelscoff Reef event has actually been axed from next year's big wave schedule.

But if you dig waves of consequence who really cares? The green light has just been given to the Nelscoff Reef event, all the world's best big wave chargers are in attendance and you can tune into the Dive 'N Surf Oregon Pro live webcast right here.

Here's a little extra info on the location and list of invitees:

Officially named Tacklebuster Reef, but more commonly referred to as Nelscott Reef, is one of the Pacific NW's hidden gems. Located a half mile out to sea in Lincoln City, Oregon, just up the beach from Spanish Head. It is a high performance big wave with both rights and lefts, but predominantly rights when it’s really big. The wave is protected by miles of beach break surf that is mostly impassable when the swells are big enough for the reef to break. Although there are smaller days when the reef can be paddled to from the beach, Nelscott Reef isn’t generally considered a big wave spot until the beach break is too big to paddle. In these conditions, PWCs are the access vehicle of choice, but you still have to deal with beach launching to get to the wave, and launching a ski from the beach can be a truly precarious undertaking with high tides and huge surf. The waves at Nelscott Reef are rideable up to 50-foot and beyond. Add regular rainfall and chilly land and sea temperatures to the equation, and you’ve got a truly rugged big wave spot. Water temperatures from October to March range between 47-53 F (6-12 C), while the average daytime air temperatures range between 55-61 F (13-16 C).

The Invitee's for this year's Dive 'N Surf Oregon Pro are:


1 Greg Long USA

2 Jamie Sterling HAW

3 Peter Mel USA

4 Carlos Burle BRAZIL

5 Ken Collins USA

6 Gabriel Villaran PERU

7 Zach Wormhoudt USA

8 Ben Wilkinson AUS

9 Joao de Macedo POR

10 Ramon Navarro CHILE

11 Jeff Rowley AUS

12 Alex Martin BRAZIL

13 Mark Healey HAW

14 Kohl Christensen HAW

15 Shawn Dollar USA

16 Grant Baker SA

17 Alex Gray USA

18 Nic Lamb USA

19 Aaron Ungerleider HAW

20 Jose Gomez PERU

21 Keith Galbraith OR, USA

22 Tony Perez OR, USA

23 Jeremy Rasmussen OR, USA

24 George Desoto OR, USA


1 Marcos Monteiro BRAZIL

2 Will Skudin USA

3 Frank Solomon SA

4 Grant Washburn USA

5 Chad Jackson USA

6 Nathan Fletcher USA

7 Ryan Augenstein USA

8 Jamie Mitchell USA

9 Anthony Tashnick USA

10 Travis Payne USA

11 Colin Dwyer USA

12 Cliff Skudin USA