Zarautz, the hotbed of nearly all of Spain's surfing talent, is another Biscay seaside town to have visibly taken a beating from this past Monday's violent storm swell. Much like the waves in a set get bigger and bigger, Monday's mega swell and high tides appear to have inflicted the most coastal damage witnessed all winter. As we reported on site yesterday, the Hossegor area experienced some of the most severe beach erosion it's seen in decades and this new Zarautz edit reveals some of the beachfront devastation experienced down in the Basque Country.

While accompanying gale-force winds made the peak of this latest XXL pulse unrideable in the Biscay region, this Billabong XXL entry of Kirt Rist bottom turning on a sizey one at Prowlers suggests Ireland had a few waves.

Ireland  Kirt Rist Prowlers

Ireland Kirt Rist Prowlers