Water, water everywhere but not good enough to surf.... Heavy weather and a flood watch continue State-wide in Hawaii today, with intermittent lightning and thunder, but no decent surf in which to resume competition in the Monster Energy Pipeline Pro presented by Billabong.

The swell at Pipeline is two feet at best this-morning, so organizers and competitors are committed to running over the last two days of the holding period: tomorrow and Wednesday.

A little more than one day of competition remains, so both days are guaranteed of running.

Over the past 72 hours more than two feet of rain have fallen in some parts of the State and Oahu is about to receive another 'wave' of rain as a heavy band of showers crossing the channel between Maui/Molokai and Oahu advances northward.

An update of conditions will be issued at 7am tomorrow morning and competition will proceed.

Monster Energy Pipeline Pro