Picon, who peaked in 2008 finishing No. 21 on the ASP World Tour to requalify for this year’s elite circuit, is back to training and preparing as loads of work is coming for the European veteran on tour, the experienced French surfer from Capbreton remaining a masterpiece of the biggest European contingent ever seen in the ASP Top 45 this year. Things will not be easy but the talented goofy-footer sure has the ss to get back in the requalification race.

ASP Europe sent a few questions to Picon and here are the words from one of France’s best surfers ever seen on the international stage. To all fans wishing to watch their favorite surfer compete, you will have the chance to come across the athlete’s path at the ASP WQS 6-Star Sooruz Lacanau Pro from August 17 to 23, 2009.

1. What’s your feeling after six months on the 2009 ASP World Tour? It’s been a bit average actually and I am kind of disappointed with the conditions we’ve had on tour so far. I haven’t got any better than 17th since the year started but I am still enjoying to be part of the ASP Top 45 and life on tour is great. I am hoping for luck to turn my side a bit more now. My last heat at Jeffreys Bay was pretty close and I got that US$ 1000 fine…

2. What’s your best time this year on tour? I think Tahiti was definitely the best time this year. We had such a good time and exceptional free surf sessions and Tahiti is really a paradise. People are friendly and we feel at home there with the rest of the European guys. In competition, I think Brazil was the best event. We travelled with Kelly (Slater), our coach Yannick Beven, our team manager Stephen “Belly" Bell and all the European guys on tour. Definitely a great time in Brazil.

3. What’s your plan for the next six months? I went to Costa Rica but lost early in the event which is not very pleasing. A part from that event, I am going to be at home and compete at Lacanau and Zarautz and spend some time at my place. It’s good to be home and relax. I have planned a few training sessions as well with Yannick (Beven) and I’ll be ready for the upcoming events. I am thinking of staying focused on the same preparation. Mentally, I will have to be strong and confident for the rest of the year as I definitely need to get through some heats and I will be surfing against the leaders due to my low seeding.

4. What about your quiver and work on the boards? I’ve just been surfing my old board I used in Brazil last year, the one I got my biggest result with. It’s still in a good state and I really like the feeling with it. The next event at Trestles in California is going to be crucial and you need a perfect board there to surf at your best and I am going to work on this with Christian Bradley my shaper for this event. For the rest of the year and the events in Europe and Hawaii, I think I pretty much have all the boards I need.

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