Franks, mid-session.

A fully-grown man, aged 42, was seen entering the water, backwards, with flippers and a bodyboard on Tuesday afternoon at Seignosse, France, witnesses confirm.

Michel Franks, who stopped being a teenager more than 20 years ago, didn’t even receive the bodyboard for Christmas, nor borrow it from his children. It is believed he purchased the board himself and participates in the activity alone.

Franks who has two school aged children, a wife, a mortgage and salary job in advertising sales, apparently engages in this bodyboarding activity more than three times a week. Onlookers have reported he  becomes overly excited at the prospect of performing what he calls “a dropknee 360."

Source report the middle aged man reportedly spent more than two hours in the water and even managed to get into a minor altercation with another surfer who rode “his" wave. He later exited the car park in a 2010 model Audi, reportedly listening to The Blood Children by Atreyu