Breaking news: Three-time World Champ Mick Fanning has been attacked by a shark during the final at J-Bay.

The final, which was being contested against compatriot Julian Wilson has been cancelled, meanwhile we are happy to report that Mick has escaped without physical injury.

"You can see a little splash... " - Joe Turpel

"Holy shit... excuse me" interjects Pottz...

"Looks like Fanning needing some assistance..." continues Turpel, as webcast viewers the world over watched a shark attack happen live on their screens.

Mick is seen to throw a punch at the shark, while splashing and kicking his legs, getting knocked off his board by what appeared to be a tail fin to the left side of his head.

"I was waiting for the teeth to come at me..." Mick told Peter Mel in an interview immediately after the incident. "I just saw fins..."

More to follow