There have been excited murmurings abroad in recent weeks, spreading word of a strange new air landed at a secret spot on Maui. The goateed protagonist of these rumours, spindly Hawaiian Matt Meola, soon found his phone abuzz with calls from magazine editors angling for an exclusive, but he had other ideas: a six minute edit of brand new footage that would have blown minds even without the headline manoeuvre.

So here it is, the first ever 540 "spindle flip". What exactly does a 540 spindle flip entail? Beyond confusion on the part of the viewer and elation on the part of the spindle flipper, we're still not completely sure. John John teased Kelly, telling him in a text that it was better than his 540 in Portugal. Don't be a dick and skip straight to the end though, because the full clip's a banger (and you wouldn't want to miss the quietly sensational footwork at 4:36).