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Those wild n crazy bastards Marlon 'Marlon' Lipke, Adrian 'Ace' Buchan and Jay 'Bottle' Thompson went to Deutschland over the weekend to learn some discipline and punctuality. The three blond haired blued eyed professional surfers flew to Munich deep in Bavaria, where Quirin 'Q' Rohleder 'invented' the freshwater fs air reverse on the river wave, according to him.


I told you they were mad! Absolutely bonkers! Balmy! Somebody stop them! 'J', Marlz and Adee with shirt n ties on (!!!) deep in the land of the sausage, Munich.


Australia's Jay Thompson, currently ranked 24th in the world for surfing. For muscles and chin shape, Bots is still some way away from counting himself among the planet's elite. Free from the shackles of a coloured WCT lycra, Bots had one eye on Max Mosely's dungeon as he boarded the leather seated Lufthansa airbus.


Deutch Destroyer Marlon puts a bit of sour kraut and schnitzel into a freshwater snap.


Regularfoot JayBot, decides to use the other bank for entry and thus face his demons square on. Something tells me this is a tad trickier than it looks. Plus, it's awkward if you fuck it up seeing as you're supposed to be good at surfing especially while hundreds of square heads called Karsten, Hans and Jens who rarely visit the ocean but can all do it look on. Gnarly.


Unfortunately the Wankdorf stadium was sold out, so the boys had to settle for tickets to Bayern Munchen vs Juventus. Neither team are any good any more (Bayern cant even win the Bundesliga these days and Juve are in Serie C for match fixing), but it was enjoyable anyway. On the night Stefan Kuntz scored a hat trick whilst Karl Heinz Rummenegger suffered two broken legs.

Stay tuned!

- Barry Brownalow