As one of the most authentic surf brands in the world, a European re-launch could not go without European surfers. Therefore Body Glove Europe is proud to sign their first Dutch Surf Team Rider, Mark van Meerkerk.

Mark is a very experienced rider and he will put Body Glove back in the water, where it belongs. After many years of competition Mark is now test rider for Bufo Boards. Also known for its shaping skills, Mark will be able to push the Body Glove collection to another level.

Being able to join a tight family of International riders such as Bruce Irons, Makua Rothman, Luke Stedman and Mike Losness, made Mark decide to sign at Body Glove. As the brand is re-launching in Europe, Body Glove is happy to have Mark in the family.

Mark will be the first Dutch Body Glove surf team rider and there'll no doubt be many to follow.