Not only is there talk of Maldives Ministry of Tourism backing down on Sultan's and Honky's, but Pasta Point exclusivity restrictions could now be lifted too.

According to a recent press release from surf travel agent LUEX, Maldivian authorities look like they may be backing down on the controversial licensing of exclusivity rights to waves in the popular tropical archipelago.

As we reported last year, measures were currently underway for the privatisation of two of the Maldives' most popular surf breaks, Sultan's and Honky's, as well as Lohis Left. In fact, since the beginning of the year that is the way things stand right now.

But in a new turn of events the Maldives Ministry of Tourism has made a major amendment to the islands' resort boundary regulations, apparently excluding all "popular" surfing and diving locations from resort limitations. In theory, that means that surf resorts will no longer be in a position to prohibit access to surf breaks to any surfer, including Pasta Point which has been an exclusive break for many years now.

LUEX Managing Director Tim Heising commented, "Basically, with that amendment, all breaks, including Lohi’s, Kandooma Rights, Pasta Point, Sultans and Honky’s, are free to be surfed again!"

However, at present it still remains unclear as to when this new ruling will be effective and understandably there is now a lot of confusion. Much will hinge on the interpretation of 'popular' as the Ministry of Tourism has yet to publish a complete list of all the surf and dive points concerned.

But should the new ruling go through these newly decreed luxury resorts who presently charge a premium for such exclusivity will no doubt find themselves in a bit of a pickle, and likely have to review their rates. So if you are thinking of booking a surf trip to any of these breaks in the near future this is something you'll want to bear in mind.