Lush Longboards has just announced the newsest member of their surf team - UK Longboarder Chris Thomson. One of the most talented surfers in the UK, Chris has numerous contest rankings and magazine coverage to his credit, as well as managing 121 surfcoach and Errant Surf Holidays out of his resident town of Newquay, Cornwall.

With a surf travel company and school right at the heart of English surfing, links to Surfers Against Sewage and co sponsors such as Fat Face and Gul, Chris is ideally placed to communicate the crossover between longboard surfing and longboard skateboarding. He's already been using a pair of 5ft Lush Kisiwas to teach his pupils advanced surf footwork with great sucess: "An hour buzzing around the car park practicing cross-stepping is the equivalent to months in the water," he says. "We use the boards to fine tune our advanced longboard surfers who come on our Errant Longboard Coaching Weekends... they're a blessing!"

Check out his longboard coaching weekends at